About Erin - Past-President of CAAHP

Favorite Color: Turquoise or Sea-foam Green

Favorite Animal: A beagle

Favorite Pizza: Pepperoni- Thin Crust

Job Title: Assistant Professor of Practice

College/University: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Past Jobs: College Softball Coach, Intramural Director, Hall Director, Conference Coordinator, Director of Residence Life, and Assistant to the College President.


Educational Background:

Bachelor's in Health, Physical Education, Psychology and Sociology with a coaching endorsement.

Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration

Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction.

Current Position on the Board:

My current position on the Board is Past-President. 

What excites you most about pre-health advising?

Much like my students who value a health career because of relationships, I also value my work with students because of the relationships I have and the impact I can have on students. Whether they continue in health professions or find another career, I can be a resource for them and listen to their story as they find their way. I know the students I work with will do great things in life and they are MY future care providers. So, I have a vested interest in their development.

Why did you get involved in CAAHP?

CAAHP made a huge difference for me as I began advising in 2002. I attended the regional conference in 2003 and was welcomed by colleagues from all over our region. I learned from them and my Mentor assigned through our mentoring program. I realized the wealth of knowledge from my peers was invaluable! Much like my students, I wanted to give back to the region, but also be part of the development of my colleagues and new advisors who join the association. I found CAAHP to be a great stepping stone for my involvement in NAAHP as well on the Membership Committee and now national board.

Why do you think others should get involved in CAAHP?

I believe you learn a lot about yourself when you devote to something you care about and you develop passion for the work you do by helping others. I think others should look for ways to be involved in CAAHP so they can find ways to connect outside of their campus and be part of their profession in a much bigger way. The time we spend doing the work of the region is something I thoroughly enjoy and will miss in the future when my leadership role is done!