About James - President of CAAHP

Favorite Color: Maroon and Gold

Favorite Animal: Wolverine

Favorite Pizza: Chicago Deep Dish

Job Title: Associate Director, Career Development Center/Chair,

Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee

College/University: Loyola University - Chicago

Past Jobs: Director, Office of Pre-Health Professions Advising, Pre-Health Professions Advisor


Educational Background:

Ph.D. in Education

Current Position on the Board:

President; I am responsible for overseeing the operations of the Board, but also for providing vision for the regional activities. I serve on the National BOD as part of my position.

What excites you most about pre-health advising?

Helping students make the most of their college experiences, engage in vocational discernment, and achieve their dreams

Why did you get involved in CAAHP?

The people. Some of the most dedicated, talented, and interesting people I know have been members of CAAHP

Why do you think others should get involved in CAAHP?

It is a great opportunity for anyone who finds pre-health advising worthwhile and rewarding. You are able to assist colleagues who share similar values. You learn how to be of greater assistance to your students through increased exposure to colleagues and their pre-health practices and initiatives. You are able to work with kind, hard working, and talented individuals.