About Joe - Treasurer of CAAHP

Favorite Color: Blue! No, Green! I mean Arggggg.....

Favorite Animal: Giraffes

Favorite Pizza: The kind that is in front of me

Job Title: Pre-Professional Advisor & Program Coordinator

College/University: University of Missouri - St. Louis

Educational Background:

Bachelors of Arts in French

Masters of Education in Adult and Higher Education

Current Position on the Board:

CAAHP Treasurer: I balance the check book, pay the bills, and monitor & ensure the financial health of our organization. I also coordinate the Travel Grant Committee.

What excites you most about pre-health advising?

I enjoy helping connect students with their future. This can mean helping them become a competitive applicant for a professional school, or finding another route that still fulfills their values and goals. It's hard not to love working with students driven to help others.

Why did you get involved in CAAHP?

As the only pre-health advisor on my campus, I knew that I had to reach out to a larger community to understand everything there is to know in pre-health advising. I was fortunate enough to know people within the University of Missouri System that were active in the CAAHP, and they helped me to get involved.

Why do you think others should get involved in CAAHP?

The Community. The CAAHP is a Baby Bear sized organization for advising, not too big so that you get lost in the crowd, and not too small that it lacks the ability to help members in critical ways. Through mentoring programs, research grants, and conferences, The CAAHP really is a great way to feel connected to others that are dealing with similar situations in advising.