Mentor Programs

Mentoring Within the Central Region and Beyond
Mentoring is a deeply rooted value among CAAHP members.  Historically, all mentoring matches have occurred through a manual process.  However, with the unveiling of the new NAAHP website, all CAAHP members seeking mentors or mentees--within the Central Region or beyond--have now direct access to the virtual connections provided by NAAHP Connect.  Check it out!

Conference Buddies at National Meetings
On even years, CAAHP runs its unique Conference Buddy Program to help make the large national meeting feel a little smaller, continuing to build a sense of community within our members.  Different and separate from the ongoing (virtual) mentoring, this program provides a point-in-time opportunity for new and seasoned advisors to connect in person at the next NAAHP National Meeting.  Junior Conference Buddies pair up with Senior Conference Buddies to get oriented to the National Meeting; divide and conquer the conference program; sit together at some of the sessions and meals; exchange notes; or simply navigate some of the events together.  Check again here in a few months to register for the 2022 Conference Buddy Program.  Please send questions about CAAHP Mentoring Initiatives and Conference Buddy Program to Mariella Mecozzi at <>.