Current and Past Recipients

2018 Grant Recipient - Robin Selzer, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Intercultural Awareness Among First-Year Pre-Med Students



2017 Grant Recipient - Robin Selzer, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati 


Cultural Competency Quality Performance Compass ™ (QI Compass) Research with STEMM-D cohort of under-represented pre-health students

The purpose of this research is to explore under-represented students understanding of cultural competency in healthcare delivery by using the Quality Interactions Cultural Competency Quality Performance Compass™ (QI Compass) tool. The overarching research question is, “How prepared are under-represented pre-health students to deliver culturally competent healthcare services to a diverse population?” The QI Compass focuses on key areas of performance that are directly tied to health care equity and quality. The results can help determine larger, more theoretical level findings about the pre-health education of under-represented students in general and the value of analyzing cultural competency. The goal is to learn more about the need to incorporate cultural competency into pre-health curriculums before professional school.