About Tammy - Immediate Past President of CAAHP

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Mr. Diggity, my 1 year old toy poodle

Favorite Pizza: Papa Minsky's from Minksy's Pizza in Kansas City

Job Title: Director for Student Affairs & Academic Advising

Associate Teaching Professor, School of Biological Sciences

College/University: University of Missouri - Kansas City

Educational Background:

Bachelors in Science in Cell and Molecular Biology

Masters in Science in Cell and Molecular Biology

EDS in Higher Education Administration

Ph.D. in Urban Leadership and Policy Studies in Education and Curriculum Instruction

Current Position on the Board:

Immediate Past President. Serve as the unofficial historian of the organization, serves as 2nd Liaison to NAAHP during the first year of term, act as Chair of the Nominating Committee, coordinates the Awards and Recognition Committee, assist the organization as needed.

What excites you most about pre-health advising?

Having the opportunity to share the journey with so many truly brave and inspiring students.

Why did you get involved in CAAHP?

CAAHP provided support and access to a toolbox and resources through NAAHP that helped me to better serve my students.

Why do you think others should get involved in CAAHP?

CAAHP is a organization truly committee to helping every advisor provide the best possible advising to student pursuing careers in the health professions. By providing a network of support, professional colleagues, and resources we are able to quickly connect and receive regular updates and up to date information about the professions.