About Valerie - Tresurer of CAAHP

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: Arctic Woollybear Caterpillar

Favorite Pizza: New York Style with sausage and mushrooms

Job Title: Director, Health Professions Advising Center

College/University: Bradley University

Past Jobs: Department of Biology and chair of the Pre-Professional Committee for Healing Arts


Educational Background:

Bachelors of Arts in Biology with a minor in Eudcation

Masters of Science in Zoology

Ph.D. in Zoology

Current Position on the Board:

CAAHP Vice-President; CAAHP Regional Conference Chair for 2021 in Milwaukee, WI

What excites you most about pre-health advising?

I love watching how college students transform, grow and mature. I enjoy helping them find a path, follow a journey, and share in celebrating their success when they reach their destination.

Why did you get involved in CAAHP?

Since I have benefited so much from the valuable mentoring I have received from fellow NEAAHP, CAAHP and NAAHP members, I have tried to pay that forward. These organizations and conferences have been valuable sources of information and support, enabling me to embrace by responsibilities and grow as a Pre-Health advisor and to bring many new ideas and practices to my campus which have benefited both students and fellow advisors. As a member of the CAAHP Board of Directors, it is an honor and pleasure to give back to an organization which has been so helpful to me and my students, and to supporting my fellow advisors.

Why do you think others should get involved in CAAHP?

You will learn current information, enhance advising skills and network with advisors and admissions representatives by attending CAAHP and NAAHP conferences. Between conferences, there is a wealth of support, resources and expertise at your fingertips at and through the HLTHPROF listserv. CAAHP is an essential support group - I could not do my job without them. Mentors are always willing to help.